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PUMPS TYPES AND FEATURES img-1 img-3img-5img-6hydraulic1   The Neron units are high and very high pressure pumps consisting of three axial pistons driven by an available Oleodynamic System.

The hydraulic oil flow under high pressure coming from the Auxiliary Hydraulic System circulates in the primary or back section of the pump entering through port P1, producing alternate action of the pistons and flowing back to the reserve tank through port T1.

The liquid to be pumped, water, salt water, glycol, chemical products, etc. circulates in the front or secondary section of the pump. The liquid which enters the pump through port Q2 can be sucked from a tank or from a water main. Inside the front section it is then subjected to high pressure exercised by the action of the alternating pistons and is pushed out through port P2. Thus there is a transfer of the hydraulic power of the primary circuit into the secondary circuit.

As a result of the above the power of the Oleodynamic Circuit in the primary section is transferred as a corresponding power brought to bear on the liquid in the secondary circuit.

Different Neron Models according to application requirements can be selected in order to produce different ratios of output pressures as against output liquid flow. According to the various models a different outlet flow can be reached based on the inlet flow and a different outlet pressure can be reached based on the inlet pressure. Either the higher flow or the higher pressure can be endowed according to the application.

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